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Gruppe Rainlight


michael jörgensen, sebastian kaufmann, martin schatte

weekend in fall

 it's kinda strange

just like a hazy dream

lots of places, lots of booze

it all seemed so unreal


it's kinda funny

I had no plans

but now you're gone, gone for good

and I'm here all alone


I miss the way we talked

I miss the way we touched

I have no idea how we'd've ended up

 no time to find out

I miss the way you looked that night

you're crying at the ballet

maybe l

it's you who I miss


it's kinda weird

how it all went by so fast

there was little time and little thought

and now you're gone


I miss the way we talked

I miss the way we touched

I have no idea how we'd've ended up

no time to find out     

 miss way you looked that night

crying at the ballet  

maybe it's you who I miss 



ursus and corvax

(text: mike ziebarth)

one day on a journey to find a lost dream

I found instead a mountain

alone in this forest

the land rose and the streams flowed

against my upward path

in the morning I chose one stream

followed to where trees don't live

later I reached the summit

chose a rock and sat

the sun was above my head


from where I was I could see

the land I have come through

to here -to hear

below me were birds, below them

below their rigid wings the forest

unfolding to the mountains in my west

past the mountains the sea

in which a ship was sinking

it's flag still flew, its people drowning

and between these deaths and I

the volcano set about its smoking


from the thundering ash skyward

a blackened being came

on a meandering course

a rave flew to my mountain

alit on my knee

I ask if he’d come from inside

He said that he had

I wondered what it was like

Dark and deep he told to me

I saw him casst an obsidian eye

On that still slipping ship

they’d know he said then went

into my west and the still setting sun


the sky went violet than night

once the moon was behind me

the bear scaled my mountain

sat beside me not within

we watched in silence the fires

in the towns below and across

I’ve fed on that town he said

How was the flavour I pondered

And sour he said

Our silence not broken by sunlight

He quietly left


In the new morning light I watch

Towns, ships and volcano’s

I cannot hope to know how to chose

So I remain…